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Our Purpose

With the EduLinx® platform we are in the pursuit to make the lives of both education staff and learning providers easier. The red-tape and workload of teachers, out of school hours coordinators and executive teams has meant limited time for organising inspiring learning opportunities with the wealth of providers in the wider community. Meanwhile, the complexity and continual changing of policy, the curriculum, administration and internet search engine optimisation adds increasing challenges for quality education providers to connect and build ongoing, worthwhile partnerships with schools.

How it Works

For Teachers, Schools and Out of School Hours Coordinators

The platform is designed to make any number of education providers – including incursions, excursions and partnership programs or after school and holiday workshops to teacher professional learning – accessible all in one place. By continually consulting with schools we update programs and learning providers to be best prepared to engage with schools in an efficient, reliable and engaging manner. Providers are guided and supported to provide all the necessities that schools need to meet department policy standards, connections with the curriculum and engaging learning opportunities for either students or staff.


For Education Providers

Having a one-stop shop for teachers and OSHC coordinators to find educational providers gives all providers a level playing field in the difficult market of online search engines. This means lower marketing and administration costs while becoming more accessible to a wider client base.  For new and beginning providers, the EduLinx® platform gives a chance to grow with a confident foundation through our supportive listings structure, YouTube Support Channel and ongoing consultation to navigate the expectations of school’s administration, policy changes and curriculum standards. For well established providers, the EduLinx® platform creates an efficient way to expand their client base for sustained, ongoing partnerships. Our review system allows for improving the quality of your services to build and maintain your reputation across the education community.


Who We Are

Grant Sciberras – Founder

University of Sydney graduate with teaching experience in Sweden, Thailand and low-SES communities in NSW. 

“My brother and I have been discussing the idea for the EduLinx® platform since early 2018. My belief is that the EduLinx® platform has the potential to fix a range of issues in the education system as outlined in our goals below. With partnerships and collaboration across the education community we can help ease teacher’s administrative burdens and close equity gaps in the system. I also hope any profits will help me find ways to solve other problems I am passionate about, such as sustainability and inequality.”

Carl Sciberras - Education Providers Advisor
Carl Sciberras – Advisor

Dancer, Producer and Choreographer, Co-Artistic Director of Dance Makers Collective and Flatline, lecturer at ACPE and past Program and Marketing, Education Coordinator of FORM Dance Projects.

Carl’s extensive and wide experience in the arts is pivotal in gaining insight, advice and consultation about the design and direction of the EduLinx® platform. His networks and consultation has helped to balance Grant’s education experience, knowledge and networks to continually improve the design, marketing and goals of the EduLinx® platform as an educational resource and company.

Our Goals for the EduLinx® platform

1. To make it easier for all educators to find, access and connect with quality education providers or programs.

2. To help providers improve the relevance and quality of their programs for educators.

3. To ease the administrative burdens of both providers and educators through resources, support and our platform design.