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For Educators

Linking in 3 Steps


Sign Up

Make an account by signing up in the top-right hand corner. Select ‘Educator’ for user type and tick the interests you have from the drop-down menu. Use the email you want to get notifications (you can change it anytime).


Find your Programs

Search using the Categories or key words in the search bar at the top. You can filter these by stage, location, program type or electives. You can save programs to come back to them later in your dashboard.


Link with Providers

Once you find a program you want to run for your staff or students, you should fill in the contact form on their listing. Try to include the info they mainly need and check your inbox or email for replies!

We've got all you need​

We know how hard it is to find relevant, quality learning programs for staff and students. We also know how arduous the process of organising excursions and other programs can be for educators. The EduLinx® platform was started and designed by teachers so that providers are up-to-date on what educators need. Our search engine cuts out irrelevant results you have to sift through on Google. Our filters reflect the information you need to narrow results and find programs you need. And our dashboard saves you the time of sifting through work emails to find the program, provider and information needed to organise now and in the future. While this is the core support the EduLinx® platform provides, we also have other ways we are making this the central hub for teacher support!

Why sign up?

Whether you’re a teacher or OOSH staff, you can find all types of education programs for your students. Use our search filters to find excursions, incursions and more for any subject, career or wellbeing program. Signing up is free and helps us bring more resources to you!

We ease your admin

Designed by teachers, the EduLinx® platform has streamlined the excursion approval process. You can save programs to come back to later and our listing structure gives you the info you need before you decide to contact providers here directly. 

Find renowned Providers and help bring more onboard!

Sydney Jewish Museum - Education Provider
Riverside Theatres Parramatta - Education Provider
Australian Shakespeare Company - Education Provider

and more

About the EduLinx® platform

What is the EduLinx® platform?

What is listing?

The EduLinx® platform connects teachers and OOSH staff with education providers. The platform depends on educators who search, filter and find education programs to meet the learning needs you have for staff or students in your context. Education providers get approval to market their education programs to you in a variety of forms for staff or students. The information providers put to market their programs speeds up your searching and organisation process.

Education providers who run all kinds of programs ‘list’ these on the EduLinx® platform so you can quickly find what you are looking for in one place. All types of programs – from excursions to incursions, TPL and more – can be found here. These can cover any of the KLAs and common school wide priorities, like wellbeing or ATSI. You can directly contact providers from their listing to start organising the program or check their profile to see what other programs they run!


Signing up is free for anyone. It only actually costs money if you want to list your program, which is only possible when you sign up as an ‘Education Provider’. So for educators in any sector or role, you can freely sign up. This allows you to contact providers, save programs, leave reviews and reserve dates for your calendar. You can see in your dashboard all of your saved programs, reviews, a calendar for dates you’ve requested to reserve and an inbox for your correspondence with providers.

You can save programs by clicking the little save icon – a small ribbon with ‘Save’ to the right of it – in the bottom left-hand corner of the program (if you are looking at search results). This button is in the right-hand corner of the program if you are looking at the listing page for the program. 


Saving a program effectively ‘bookmarks’ it for you. You have a section in your dashboard for ‘Saved’ listings and any programs you save will appear there. This helps you narrow your programs if you’re in a rush or save ones that you liked that you could pass onto other educators or look to re-book the following year!

Providers have the option of allowing appointment bookings on their programs. You can see this on the bottom right-hand corner of the listing if the provider has enabled it.


If they have not enabled it, then we would always recommend suggesting preferred dates when you first contact the provider. They may use their own system for reserving dates so this can speed up your organisation process.

Your inbox doesn’t share files at the moment, but you can often find the files you need on a providers profile. We have encouraged providers to share their risk assessments and any other important files or policies via links on their profiles. All you have to do is click on their icon in the top left-hand of the contact form on any provider’s program. That will bring you to their profile where you can see links and information on their ‘About’ section.