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For Providers

Why list on the EduLinx® platform?

No matter what programs you run, you can market them to teachers and OOSH staff. You’re in control of your profile, the types of programs, prices, details, appointments and communication.

We link you to Educators

We know what educators need to help you improve programs, ease organisation and broaden your reach. Founded and run by educators, the EduLinx® platform is designed with policy and curriculum in mind. 

Listing in 3 Steps


Create your profile

Sign up and identify your ‘interests’ to show us the teaching areas your programs support. Edit your profile to connect your social, contact info and links to risk assessments.


Create your programs

Choose your program type, subject category and prices. Enable appointments for educators to reserve dates. Our tips will help you from start to approval.


Organise with educators

Once your program is approved, educators can contact you. You can respond in your inbox and review any bookings in your calendar.

We've got all you need

We know it’s hard to reach all the educators you want to given the challenges of SEO and accessing schools and OOSH centres.  Our platform opens up avenues to any program you want to run all in one place. You can organise with educators from first contact through to reserving dates and sharing information. You can compare your programs within one space and to what other similar programs are out there. No commission fees or pay-per-enquiry. 

You're in Good Company, Some of the first Providers to sign up

Sydney Jewish Museum - Education Provider
Riverside Theatres Parramatta - Education Provider
Unleashing Personal Potential - Education Provider

and more

About the EduLinx® platform

What is the EduLinx® platform?

The EduLinx® platform connects teachers and OOSH staff with education providers. The platform is driven by providers, who deliver education programs in a variety of forms to staff and students. Educators can search, filter and find your education programs to organise with you to meet the learning needs they have for staff or students in their context.

What is Listing?

If you have an education program, whether incursion, excursion or online you can earn money by listing it to educators across Australia. You can list programs for teachers, students and OOSH staff. Any delivery type (such as excursion) can be listed, across the Australian curriculum Key Learning Areas, Wellbeing or Careers and any stage.


Programs on the EduLinx® platform are highly flexible and customisable. You can simply select different subjects from the drop down categories and tick specific subjects if they are electives when submitting your listing. For stages and delivery types you only need to tick the boxes that apply to the relevant stages and ways you will deliver your program. We even offer tips and recommendations in the approval process if we think you may have missed an opportunity to broaden your reach!

The costs for signing up only depend on the subscription package you select. We offer 50% off your first year and after your listings expire you can decide which subscription suits the number of programs you wish to list. Packages range from maximums of 4, 10, 20 and 40 program listings.

The EduLinx® platform has the capacity to enable payment systems, but given our knowledge of school procedures and advice from current providers we have disabled this feature. We are always happy to reconsider redesigning the platform with our contact form mentioned below. By avoiding the payment system for now we have given you the most flexibility to organise with educators and lowers costs by removing any further commission fees!

Our Terms and Conditions describe our disputes and reviews process. But in short, it is firstly the responsibility of the provider and educator to resolve any conflicts. If this can’t be resolved between parties, you can contact the support team through the form linked below or email us at contact@edulinx.com.au for our support. Negative reviews can be removed if they are deemed unfair or innacurate.

None of the FAQs above answer your question? Submit one to contact@edulinx.com.au for the the EduLinx® platform to support you and others.