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What are Education Providers?

Education providers offer teachers and out of school hours (OOSH) care educators learning support. They can do this in the following ways:

  1. Run extra-curricular programs that add to the curriculum or fill gaps in the curriculum. These can include excursions, incursions (in-school programs), partnership programs (regular lessons/workshops agreed upon support over a period of time), after-school or holiday/vacation programs.
  2. Provide teacher professional learning programs that upskill teachers and may contribute to their NESA accreditation maintenance hours. 
  3. Hosting events – such as fundraisers and awareness campaigns – to provide educational resources for teachers or a learning experience for students.
  4. Creating lesson resources – such as worksheets and educational videos – to support teachers in meeting curriculum outcomes and/or content.

How can the EduLinx® platform help you connect with Educators as a Provider?

Advertise your Programs

Our search engine and filters help teachers and OOSH educators to find your programs and connect with you directly.

Advertise your Events

Our calendar can help educators find your events which use to promote in our marketing networks.

Advertise your Resources

Our blog posts help to collate providers resources for educators, which we promote in all our marketing streams.

Advertise Programs

Types of Providers to list on the EduLinx® platform

Program Providers

Do you run excursions, incursions, teacher professional learning, online/streamed, after school or holiday programs? You could list your programs on the EduLinx® platform and also gain more targeted marketing with our teaching networks!


Do you host events or create resources for educators as a charity, not-for-profit or other type of community organisation? You could be a partner of the EduLinx® platform and feature in our calendar and blogs that we share with our teaching networks!